Treatment Packages

I’m bundling some of my most popular treatments into packages both for therapeutic effectiveness and so I can offer a significant savings over single session costs. Most of these are therapies that are not  covered by insurance. Although all treatment is customized based on your individual needs, everything listed is included in the package price unless otherwise noted. Stay tuned to this page, as more bundles are being created regularly.

The Bye Bye Sensitivities Program

Could you or your child be one of the millions of people whose health issues are related to food sensitivities? Unlike the better-known food allergy that can cause severe, immediate symptoms, the sensitivity creates different types of immune responses. These may result in delayed symptoms, especially fatigue or hyperactivity, unexplained pain or GI tract issues that aren’t easily associated with the food that triggered them. They may also contribute to more serious health issues, like autoimmune conditions. Traditional treatments of food sensitivities are time consuming and often complicated. Most of the time even identifying the sensitivities is hit-or-miss, Treatment involves avoiding the offending foods for a very long time, even forever.

I have developed an exciting protocol that combines the therapies I’ve already successfully used with the new Deseret Biologicals Food Sensitivity program. What’s great is it’s packaged in a simple and easy-to-follow system. My protocol provides a broad-spectrum approach to assist in addressing hundreds of food sensitivities. This can now happen over a short period of time instead of multiple office visits.

The Bye Bye Sensitivities package includes

Consultation, Bioenergetic Testing and Health Questionnaire

Kickoff Cleanse to improve the function of the liver, GI tract, and elimination pathways

12 week food sensitivity program

4 mind/body repatterning sessions to address the root causes of sensitivity

Value $950.00 Prepay price $756 (save $194.00) 3 payments of $285 (save$95.00) or 4 monthly payments of $237.50

Address the root causes of sensitivity and get ready to enjoy better health and your favorite foods again! Schedule your appointment today for Villa Park (630) 279-7100, or Lakeview (773) 525-6595.