What else says Spring like a brand new blog

What else says Spring like a brand new blog

Welcome to the inaugural edition of my blog. If you have made it to this page, chances are you have an interest in alternative health and living a holistic lifestyle. It all started for me sometime around 1980 when I was given my first book on herbs. I started making some of the formulas and found that, for the ailments of daily living, they worked even better than the standard over the counter preparations. A few years later I made some radical diet changes and found that I felt better overall. But it wasn’t easy to stick to them, and in fact, the same diet that helped me feel good and lose weight in my 20s actually contributed to weight gain and fatigue in my 30s. By then I was in school for Naprapathy, (a form of holistic medicine that combines gentle manipulation and nutrition) working as an assistant to a Naturopath, and enjoying access to new products and new ways of eating.

What did I discover? That there is no one diet that is right for everyone, and as our bodies go through changes, so does the food that fuels us. This is why when you come to see me you won’t get a “canned” diet as part of your health recovery plan, but something that works with your body and your lifestyle. Because that’s the other part of it-it has to work with your life.

I happen to love to cook and to grow some of my own food. Not everybody does. But this isn’t just a food and diet blog. It’s a guide to living a holistic lifestyle while still living in the real world.  You see, not only am I a practitioner, but I’m also going through some of the same things you are. Sometimes I’m too tired to cook, I get home really late most nights. My partner and I have a running debate about natural vs. chemical cleaning products, and when it’s time to turn off the TV before going to bed.

So I’m not “perfectly holistic” and I don’t expect you to be either. But even incorporating small steps will help.  That’s what this blog is all about.  I’m on a lifelong journey to live a more healthy and holistic lifestyle.  My philosophy is that I won’t recommend anything to my patients that I haven’t first tried myself. Think of me as the scout you send ahead to check out what’s new and interesting in the catch-all umbrella term “holistic”. But a better description might be “realistic holistic” because I’ll always come from a perspective of incorporating those things that fit realistically into your busy and hectic modern life.

I always encourage my patients examine every aspect of their lives and how each of these individual elements impacts their overall health.  The same principle applies here.  Whether it’s about diet, nutrition, exercise, supplements, exciting new techniques and treatments and even entertainment and leisure activities, you can benefit from the results of my lifelong journey of exploration.  I will be sharing with you the products I try, some recipes, and tips and tricks for getting more “natural” into various aspects of your life. Of course, I welcome your comments and questions.  Let me know which topics you’d like to hear more about and hopefully you’ll be reading about my take on them very soon.

Thanks for joining me.  We’re going to have some fun! And we are going to have some fun with my friends who are experienced bloggers and fabulous teachers in their own right. The theme is new beginnings and fresh starts.

To follow this magical thread of new beginnings just click on the one of the links below. My amazing co-writers have some beautiful wisdom and stories to share.


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  • Keyra Conlinn March 27, 2015 Reply

    A very clear picture of who you are as a person and as a practitioner. I really like the idea of “realistic holistic” because I think it is that battle of sticking to changes you need to make, while surrounded by people who don’t need to make them in some cases, that often causes people to falter, in addition to stress of busy lives.
    I look forward to your tips!

  • Astra March 27, 2015 Reply

    The Realistic Holistic! I love that and I so totally get it! Great first post, Rindie! I enjoyed my visit! Love, Astra

  • rindiecokerdn March 27, 2015 Reply

    Thank you Astra and Keyra. I’m not the only Realistic Holistic, but what’s important is that you get it :)

  • Renee March 28, 2015 Reply

    Congratulations! This is a great new start. Look forward reading more of you blogs. Love Renee

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